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Ramanayan's Works
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Works by Ramanayan

Novus Imperia's guild leader Ramanayan has written numerous works in several categories. This is a collection all of his published works to date.


Birth of an Upstart
-Published in the Deoch 30s

Birth of an Upstart is a autobiography written in the third person. It chronices Ramanayan first 10 deochs as an aisling in the years of Deochs 13 - 23. His mundane origins are also explored.


Chaos Ascendant
Award Winning Work - Published in Deoch 33

Chaos Ascendant this is a complete history of Temuair from Deochs 17-24. Included is information on the rise of Necromancy, the Dynasty coup d'état, Tagor, the Light vs. Dark war and other happenings. This edition also includes portions of the never-finished sequel, Rediscovery of the Aisling Spark, with events from Deochs 25-27.

History of the Fiosachd Wars
Published In Deoch 21

Lord Ramanayan first attempted to set history straight in this work on the Fiosachd War, which involved the factions of Lord Ramanayan and the high priestesses at the time, Feena and Felicity. This work is typically regarded as being very biased - in Lord Ramanayan's biography Chapter III: Heretic provides a more detailed and neutral examination of this time.

The Forgotten War
Award Winning Work - Published in Deoch 18

The Forgotten War was Lord Ramanayan's first published and recognized work. It is an account of a pre-shadow war battle between Chadul and Danaan that was relatively unknown until this work was published. However looking back at it the work’s sources Lord Ramanayan now says they were very old and difficult to understand and now he believes that the “war” was only several small battles.


Legacy of Tenes: Rise of the League
Published in Deoch 35

One of the few historical plays written by aislings Lord Ramanayan Caesar presented this epic tale of the rise of the League of Darkness and follows the career of its legendary founder, Tenes. The story begins after Tenes has defeated the Rucesion wizard army and continues until the signing of the Anaman Pact.

Rise of the League was originally planned as a musical (!) - as such two songs still remain within the script.

Tragedy of Tenes
Published in Deoch 44

Lord Ramanayan began working on this play shortly after finishing Legacy of Tenes: Rise of the League though he did not complete it for almost a decade. The Tragedy of Tenes tells the story of the final days of Tenes and his League of Darkness. This play is written in very poetic language and is quite different from the other Tenes play. In Ramanayan's own opinion this play is far superior to Rise of the League.

The General
Published in Doech 37

Presenting his case to the ignorant judges of Mileth this parable tells the story of the lack of leadership and why some aislings are afraid to make new leaders.


Guide to Necromancy
Second Edition - Published in Deoch 44 | Original Edition - Published in Deoch 22

Lord Ramanayan was the first writer of a guide to the dark arts of Necromancy. This work details how to become a necromancer, summons, items, and all other information needed to pursue and understand this dark path. Originally written in Deoch 22 Lord Ramanayan prepared an updated Second Edition in Deoch 44. Some information is expanded on although the content remains the same as the original edition, which is also available.

Temuair Monster Encyclopedia
Published in Deoch 26

When it was first published this was the biggest and most comprehensive guide to creatures in Temuair. It contained all dungeons and all creatures they contained within even all now extinct creatures. Also is complete information on each monster including a description, experience, drops, and more. Although this work is out of date, the majority of the dungeons and information have remained the same.

Sadly the Temuair Monster Encyclopedia has been lost to time. At this time no known copies exist, however efforts continue to find one.


Grimlok and Goblins: Society, Social Structures, and Lore
Award Winning Work - Published in Deoch 19

This was Lord Ramanayan's first philosophical work and he decided to take his readers into the worlds of the Grimlok and Goblins. This award winning philosophy outlines and describes the society and social structures that make up both the Grimlok and Goblin cultures. Also included is a small lore location and drop supplement as well as a Pravat War section.



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