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Works - The General
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The Commander
A Political Parable

Long ago there was a man known as Lucius, who was an illustrious military commander of Loures. He was the victor of a hundred battles but had several personal flaws which would one day prove his undoing.

Lucius would trust no one else but himself and very watchfully would give any authority to his field commanders to lead the army. This was a serious problem. Lucius’s soldiers were strong and many but could not stay coordinated without leadership.

And so came a time of great need and Lucuis’s army was sent to the front lines of the war with Rucesion. Lucius had only two officers by which would coordinate the men into battle, a very serious problem. He had long been urged to create a much larger officers core but had feared they would plot against him for his position.

Seeing this situation some advisors and nobles came to meet with Lucius. They proposed for the battle they be commissioned as officers to lead some of the men. They argued that even though most of them lacked military experience they did know much about the tactics and the rules of war and their leadership would be better then none. Once the battle was over they would leave Lucius’s army.

Lucius angrily sent them away saying how only he would decide who commanded his army. He did this over the objections of almost the entire royal court back at Loures. The next day the great battle was fought and it started going well for Lucius. But then one his commanders was hit by arrow and fell off his horse into the fray. His man started to panic and started to flee. Soon the enemy overcame Lucius’s own lines but his men held on until he himself was finally struck down. And with his death the rest of his army either was killed, fled, or captured. Standing on a hill overlooking the carnage was the same group of nobles who had offered to help lead the army.

“Well, he would have it thus”, said the leader as they got back to their horses to report the disaster to the king.



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