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Works - Tragedy of Tenes
Untitled Document

The Tragedy of Tenes
A Play in Four Acts

Written by Ramanayan Caesar in the Dark Ages

Cast of Characters

The League:

A Lord of Temuair and founder of the League of Darkness and Pact of Anaman. In his early life he lead the people of Piet to victory over invading an Rucesion wizard army which started his rise to power.

Gardious & Verdialion
Two loyal generals of Tenes who have fought with him throughout all his campaigns.

Glaic & Massai
The Lords of the lands of Glaic and Massai who joined the League of Darkness in its later period. They are among Tenes last allies.

A young officer in Tenes army. There is a secret reason why he serves close to Tenes.

The Forces of Ainmeal:

Ainmeal was the first Emperor of Ardmegh (Loures) after the fall of Tenes. Originally from Sarnath he trained in Niara shortly after the death of his father Azekiel. After joining the crimson guards he eventually came to lead the armies of resistance against Tenes and the League of Darkness. He was said to have been protected by Danaan herself who granted him a longer life.

Azekiel was Ainmeal’s father. During Ainmeal’s youth he was killed by Tenes during a battle outside of Sarnath, Ainmeal’s home village. He traveled to the underworld where he was confronted and twisted by Chadul. Chadul raised him back to life as Lord Suomi who joined the League of Darkness. Later, just recently in this play, Suomi turned his back on Tenes and reunited with his son.

A Niaran Crimson guard captain who has fought with Ainmeal a since the beginning.

Former first lieutenant to Suomi when he was known as Azekiel. After Azekiel’s death he became a Crimson Guard captain and later recruited Ainmeal to fight against the League.

Relamtium’s young aide.

Other characters:

A Hermit
A Blacksmith
A Brewer
First Torch Soldier
Second Torch Solider
A Soldier of Massai
A League Soldier
An Archer of Ainmeal
A Food Soldier


Throughout the play’s battle scenes numerous non-speaking soldiers for both sides are seen. These soldiers merely fight in the battles, but sometimes are slain by a major character as is noted in the script. I leave it up to the director to determine how many extras are fit for wherever he or she is producing this play and how exactly they will interact with each other.

Extended Information

If you are not familiar with the history behind this play I would suggest reading my background notes and information which is after the Play Script Text.

Act I

Scene I

[The Streets of Piet. Enter Relamtium and Gaius from the left. Enter Blacksmith and Brewer from the right. ]

Relamtium: Peace be Gaius! Let us test thy will of these liberated citizens.

Gaius: It should be assumed they are merry at their liberation from their oppressors.

Relamtium: Not forgot you shall their loyalty to Tenes prior to our entry. Lest they celebrated his triumphs and our despairs. For we must remember good Gaius not thy who causes moral rights is always he who benefits.

[Relamtium approaches the Blacksmith]

Relamtium: Hail citizen! Be what occupation are thou?

Blacksmith: A blacksmith good sir.

Relamitum: And do you not lament over thy fall of Tenes from this city?

Blacksmith: Concern myself in politics I do not, worse shall I be drawn against my patrons. My respects good sir, off I must go.

[Blacksmith exits to the left. Gaius approaches the Brewer.]

Gaius: Good marrow fair sir, what is thy business?

Brewer: A brewer.

Gaius: Peace had been with you since Tenes fall from here?

Brewer: Grieve for Tenes I do, yet for praise I give to the givers of liberty. Noble Tenes raised the people to labor valorous deed while his actions brought us anguish and eulogize for his enemies. Oh hast the paths of life are like maze at dusk, never can one see the real path. *sighs*

[Exit Brewer to the right.]

Relamitum: I feel as if we are part of a great river flowing to an unsown destination and yet we have no control over the current. But Ainmeal shall forge a bridge across that river and provide access to the other side.

Gaius: Let it not matter whose trophies they hang for we should become unfocused from our cause. Tenes and Ainmeal fly above normal men and we must do our best to keep up.

[They exit to the left.]

Scene II

[The streets of Piet at nightfall. Enter Ainmeal, Drezicius, and two soldiers holding torches from the left. Relamtium and Gaius enter from right.]

Ainmeal: Relamtium!

Relamtium: Here, my lord.

Ainmeal: What find you in your dealings with this populace? Hostile are they?

Relamitum: They grieve for Tenes yet praise our arrival. For like the sides of two coins both different but using each other. For their kindred spirits must be mended and repaired o noble Ainmeal.

Gaius: Let not thy forget good Relamitum they supported Tenes during our despairs.

Ainmeal: Of no matter it is. The present we must look at. A cold night this, best we have find a lodging. Where is the nearest inn?

First Torch Solider: I believe there is a public house over there my lord.

Ainmeal: Drezicius.

Drezicius: My lord.

Ainmeal: Go see what the kind souls can provide for our lodgings.

Drezicius: At once my lord.

[Exit Drezicius to the right.]

Ainmeal: Let us weep for our enemies’ citizens confusion of interests for it will only confuse us. Clear we must remain to the task ahead. Her blessings guide us. But we must not lament in the past or the future. Present is where we are. Present is what we must do. Remember that young Gaius, and it will get you far.

Gaius: Yes, my lord.

[Enter a hermit from the left.]

Hermit: Beware noble Ainmeal for what thy seeks to break will effect thee family.

Ainmeal: Who speaks?

Second Torch Soldier: A hermits bids you beware of what you seek.

Ainmeal: He is a dreamer or a drunkard, let him go.

[Exit a hermit to the right. Then enter Drezicius from the left.]

Drezicius: There are lodgings available for the night my lord. Thy keeper says it is of no trouble to him to house thee.

Ainmeal: A burden it would have been should I have been the keeper with strangers arriving in the middle of the night seeking lodging; frustrating it is. Let us make haste then before it grows any colder.

[Exit all to the left.]

Scene III

[An Inn, downstairs in the tavern area. Ainmeal, Drezicius, and Relamitum are seated around a table.]

Ainmeal: Let us not forgot out beyond those hills does Tenes wait. His great bastion that spills with the blood of many will he defend. Those villains Glaic and Massai stand with him. Oh how the fields will run red with blood before this war is over!

Relamitum: We must not go ahead without waiting for thy father. Amid all of our allies together shall Tenes fall, but not before.

Drezicius: Weep not should you Ainmeal for those yet not slain. Remember for thy must give courage in battle for our cause to prevail. History’s lesson shall it is one who not conquers by arms who holds but thee who holds thy hearts of thy citizens who shall become immortal.

Ainmeal: A wise relation noble Drezicius; follow it we should.

Relamtium: Do thou hear the sound of hoofs hitting the cold earth?

Drezicius: Hear them I do. Ah they stop.

[Enter Suomi from the left.]

Suomi: Ah my son! It is tragic we must meet under these conditions of fate.

[They embrace.]

Ainmeal: What news bring you father?

Suomi: Tenes army gathers in the field before us to make battle and with him stand Glaic and Massai. We should give them battle soon before they are prepared with Chadul’s horn.

Drezicius: Then rest we should before this battle comes.

Ainmeal: Retire then we shall, Relamitum?

Relamitum: My Lord?

Ainmeal: Make a rounds of the ramparts of the camp, make sure thee soldiers are well rested for the coming abyss.

Relamitum: *bows* My Lord.

[Exit Relamitum to the left.]

Ainmeal: Standing here we are near the end of a long journey. Not over it is yet. Caution must precede us from now on. I can sense something dark in the workings.

[Exit Ainmeal to the right, all others follow him out.]

Act II

Scene I

[The grassy fields not far from Loures city and castle. Tenes stands with Titus overlooking his assembling army, represented by the audience.]

Tenes: I see him!

Titus: See who my Lord?

Tenes: *pointing* Over there! Just some miles away is Piet. Ainmeal is there thinking he won as easy victory, thinks I abandoned the city out of fear!

Titus: *uneasy* …yes my Lord.

Tenes: *suddenly with concern* Soldiers must not think such thoughts. What think they Titus? Aware of political conditions they are not, but of fear they are.

Titus: *even more uneasy*…I’m sure no one thinks that my Lord.

[Enter Gardious from the left.]

Gardious: My Lord, thy forces assemble before us. Have thee chosen to give battle on this field of destiny?

Tenes: The sands of time go by. Older I am yet young because of the Pact. THE PACT!!! WHERE IS HE?!?! NOW I FINALLY NEED HIM, WHERE!!!

Titus: *jumps*

Gardious: *assuring Tenes* My Lord, preparations we have. Let the past be the past, the past cannot help us. Future is where we must look. Titus go find where the Lords Glaic and Massai are.

Titus: *eager to get away* Aye.

[Titus exits to the right.]

Tenes: You are right. Oh how fortune can be cruel and majestic. *waving his hand over the army* Where were their grandfathers years ago. Did they not all climb the steps of fate to see me pass? These lands united together by my hands, law and order spread, the greatest of all gifts. Myself. Myself…and you. Oh Gardious you have stood with me from the beginning and Verdialion to. Trusted the others I did, and him! HIM!!! Never again, will I trust outsiders with my glorious work. Oh how they climbed fate’s mountain to see me pass, now they follow the light. That boy over there. How did he do it?!?! Insects, that’s what they are. Will they not learn.

Gardious: *putting his hand on Tenes shoulder* Late it is my Lord. Rest perhaps we ought to before the dawning on the fields of providence.

Tenes: Truth in the words you speak.

[They exit to the left.]

Scene II

[Not far from the main base of Tenes in the command tent of Lord Glaic. Glaic is with Messai.]

Glaic: Insist on the defenses of grass he does. Logical reckoning eludes him.

Messai: With him we placed our fortunes. Kingdoms of years past reduced to fields is what awaits when we not stand beside him.

Glaic: *growling* Danaan’s son fortune favors. The dark one backs our patron.

[Enter Titus from the left, he stands behind them.]

Titus: My Lords, thou are still preparing at this hour?

Glaic: The Lord gives us nothing to alter the present deposition of the current circumstances.

Titus: Understandable.

Messai: Oh the glories of a thousand years passed. The greatest of all warriors with the dark at his back. Stand we do at the final hour of this dark finale to the last. Never again will such been seen without the doing of both night and day. Souls stand on the edge of the cliff of fate ready to fall at a whim into the pit of remorse for the ideal of one. And here we stand as well.

Titus: *thinks* *he is starting to sound like Tenes* Y-es, my Lord.

Glaic: *smiles* An understanding lad. All your dreams and of others stand tomorrow for the last. No more we can do, the best has been set, and now it is fate’s turn to roll the dice.

Messai: Should fate turn against us?

Titus: *raising his eyebrow* Then the dice are fixed.

[They all exit to the left.]

Scene III

[Tenes camp shortly after the break of dawn. Tenes is exiting his command tent.]

Tenes: The night has faded into the rays of the sun. The dreaded day of reckoning has arrived and shall bring the end of a thousand dreams. History stands ready regardless of the outcome to bring my name to the stars.

[Enter Gardious from the right.]

Gardious: Greeting the morning sun my Lord?

Tenes: Speak to my men one last time I must.

Gardious: Nonsense my L-

Tenes: Assemble them now.

Gardious: My Lord

[Gardious exits to the left and then Verdialion appears from the right.]

Verdialion: On my way to wake you my Lord. Forces of the light appear ready to give battle.

Tenes: To the men we go and address them before the end.

Verdialion: The end of Ainmeal, yes!

Tenes: Only in the end can one truly understand the beginning.

[Tenes and Verdialion walk through the camp. Enter Tenes soldiers from the right.]

Tenes: We’ve been through a lot together. They say this battle is hopeless and our cause is lost. What worthier cause to die for could there be then the restoration of Hy-brasyl. Are we going to submit to this upstart boy from the hills?!?

Soldiers: NOOOO!!!!

Tenes: We’ve conquered all those who stand before us. Today is but another chapter in our tale. I see many of you should still be in school – your courage and commitment will be the stuff of legends. The fate of Temuair hangs in your hands. Regardless of what happens today history will record our deeds. They will say how the army of Tenes marched in battle knowing that they carried the light of the civilized world against the barbarians of chaos. For even if we go down on the field Temuair will never forgot our deeds and our ideals and courage will live for a thousand years!

[The soldier’s chant Tenes name as the Act closes.]


Scene I

[The grass fields outside of Loures. Ainmeal, Relamtium, and Gaius are looking over a map. ]

Ainmeal: My father’s wing will appoint Glaic and Massai. There on the fields of destiny shall they fall, for the allegiance of their sons will be suspect.

Relamtium: Tenes and his horse are drawn up in advance of us. The skies darken ahead.

Ainmeal: Preparing for the final cascade.

Gaius: My Lord we might wish to…

Ainmeal: *intently studying his map* Strike here they will at the gates of fury.

Relamtium: Look out!

[Tenes soldiers begin streaming in from the left as do Ainmeal’s from the right. They fight.]

Gaius: [stabbing a Tenes supporter] Chadul’s anger smite thee!

[Several soldiers from both sides fall here and there though more arrive to replace them.]

Ainmeal: [slaying a Tenes soldier] This be the last you have Tenes? Old men and young boys?

[Tenes voice is heard from of stage from the left]

Tenes: The wrath of the gods be on you bellow the angel’s blade!

[Tenes, Verdialion, Gardious, and appear from the left. Gaius approaches Tenes – they fight.]

Ainmeal: Gaius lay not before the Fallen Angel!

Tenes: Give not what you cannot support! *stabs through the heart*

Gaius: *coughs up blood and dies*

[Gaius falls dead, Ainmeal approaches Tenes and draws the Draco Fang – they fight.]

Ainmeal: Butcher of children!

Tenes: Harlot of chaos!

[Ainmeal and Tenes are locked in combat as fighting continues all around them as the scene closes.]

Scene II

[Not far from the center of the battle Glaic and Massai are marching against Suomi and Drezicius]

[Glaic, Massai, and their army enter from the left. Suomi, Drezicius, and their army enters from the right]

Glaic: *haughtily* Traitor Suomi now thou will taste the venom of justice!

Suomi: Insect!

[The two armies clash, Glaic battles with Suomi and Massai against Drezicius.]

Drezicius: Tenes allies left are but slime! Take what you deserve Massai!

Massai: The scribes of history care only what I say!

Drezicius: *cuts Massai’s legs out from under him*

Massai: *falls* Bastard *picks up dirt in his hands*

Drezicius: *raising his sword* Die swine!

Massai: *throws dirt in Drezicius’s eyes*

Drezicius: *falls back in confusion*

Massai: Victory to the practical! *throws his sword at Drezicius*

Drezicius: *falls over dead*

[One of Massai’s soldiers appears as to help him up]

Massai Solider: *helping him up* My Lord let me help you up…

Massai: Get me out of here!

Massai Soldier: And take what you deserve!

Massai: *dazed* What?

Massai Solider: *runs his sword through Massai*

Massai: *sounding as loud as a goblin* TREASON!!!! *dies*

[Both sides turn to look at what has transpired. Glaic then turns back around to face Suomi]

Suomi: *stabs him through the chest*

Glaic: *weakly* Why…why…*falls and dies*

Suomi: Onward to victory!

League Soldier: Pull back!

[Suomi’s men get the better of the remains of Glaic and Massai’s army. Several more men fall dead and the remaining League men exit to the left with Suomi and his men in pursuit. The scene closes.]

Scene III

[Back at the center the battle still rages on. Tenes and Ainmeal have lost track of each other in the confusion. Only Tenes, his men, and some Ainmeal’s are seen still fighting.]

Tenes: *dodging a spear* And the legends will say the gods fell from the skies and trembled in the wake from the onslaught of the League…

[One of Ainmeal’s men approaches Tenes and engages him briefly before being killed.]

Tenes: *kills him* and the skies were filled with bolts of black lightning bringing the end of chaos. Never again would it be seen the courage of men on the field…

[Titus enters from the left and approaches from the left.]

Titus: My Lord…

Tenes: With it the blades of justice struck down the harbingers of chaos…

Titus: *losing patience yells* LORD TENES!

Tenes: *appears to return to normal* What is it my child?

Titus: My Lord the day goes against us. Glaic and Massai lay dead on the field! Suomi is cutting us off from the side! *panicking* You must do something my Lord!

Tenes: Fear not the coming of swords only with the end of the light shall we see the rise of the true day. Oh the things that they will say…

[In the distance an archer of Ainmeal is seen separating from the battle.]

Ainmeal Archer: With one tip I shall bring it to and end! *draws an arrow, takes aim at Tenes*

[Titus steps in front of Tenes, now in the aim of the archer.]

Titus: *grabs Tenes by the shoulders and pleads* My Lord we must…

Ainmeal Archer: *fires*

Titus: with..*falls into Tenes arms*

Tenes: *laying him down* *Snaps out of his state of denial* Titus, Titus! My son! Oh how has fortune been cruel to me that you should finally know the truth in this condition. Fear not, my son, for I will not grieve alone. All of Temuair will! Never again will they know peace! For these times will be known as the Dark Ages! ARHHHHH!*

[Tenes moves right toward the archer who has just killed Titus, his son.]

Tenes: *extends his arm and begins calling the dark elements* Now..now…now…

Ainmeal Archer: *clutches at throat as body is being pulled of the ground*

Tenes: *insane look in his eyes and closes his hand into a fist*

Ainmeal Archer: *makes one final choking sound*

Tenes: *open his fist*

Ainmeal Archer: *falls to the ground* *dies*

Tenes: *breathing heavily shouts* Retreat! Back to the castle!

[Tenes and his men exit to the left with Ainmeal’s following behind as the Act closes]

Act IV

Scene I

[Night after the great battle outside of Loures castle. Ainmeal, Suomi, Relamtium are eating.]

Suomi: Blood and sweat I consume.

Ainmeal: *tosses a piece of bread back on the table* To many to the Fallen Angel.

Relamtium: The pyres burn so that others may not. What becomes of these few gives more to the many so that more do not go in the flames.

Suomi: What do the scrolls tell you my son?

Ainmeal: To many dead, though our enemies lost further. Peasants, farmers, bakers, brewers, priests, wizards, politicians, and nobles…all lay now on the flames.

Suomi: War is but a disease; the only way to cure it is by killing the infected.

Relamtium: An incurable disease in all men indeed.

[A soldier enters]

Food Soldier: *bows* My Lords the scouts detail walls without defenders and men with no will left in them behind the walls.

Suomi: Damage was more then we had envisioned.

Ainmeal: Not all wounds kill on the battlefield. Not all wounds are of the flesh…

Relamtium: Tomorrow brings the finale.

Ainmeal: Aye, but the story is never-ending…

[The scene closes and they exit to the left.]

Scene II

[Inside of Loures Castle in what appears to be a throne room. The walls are cracking, papers, and other object lay scattered around the room. Tenes is alone in the center.]

Tenes: Oh how the future will judge. The last of the light fades before this coming darkness. The Dark Ages are upon this land. The light is bringing the Dark Ages. Oh how I wish the sea would part and Hy-brasyl would reemerge. The new is fearful and threatening to all I have ever known. As hard as I fight to stop it the more it grows. Perhaps violence is not the answer or at least not this time. The ink we scribed on parchment has no meaning beyond these walls. Was is ever even meant for going outside at all? I try to think of the answers but all I see is a wall. The wall that is built inside me that I know will never fall. If this is the future that awaits then I can only think of what the future will think of me. Needless to say I’m frightened of what I see.

[Enter Gardious from the left who approaches Tenes]

Gardious: My Lord Ainmeal prepares to brave the citadel.

Tenes: *laughs* Citadel? CITADEL?!? *calming himself* Our sons have fled have they not?

Gardious: *uneasy* Those few who survived the fields have gone missing. As have most of the castle’s occupants. A few guards we have, and horses. We can still…

Tenes: No, the finale occurs here, not elsewhere.

Gardious: What is that noise?

Tenes: The gates…

[Enter Verdialion from the left who joins Tenes and Gardious.]

Verdialion: *out of breath* My Lord the pillars have been breached and the light has entered.

Tenes: Then let us raise the mirrors.

[They exit, the scene closes.]

Scene III

[Loures castle hallways. Ainmeal, Suomi, and Relamtium enter from the left.]

Relamtium: Be there no one here?

Ainmeal: The shadows lurk here. Let not appearances guide you.

[Enter Tenes, Gardious, and Verdialion from the right and come up behind Ainmeal’s party.]

Tenes: And so they bring us here.

[Ainmeal’s party turns around.]

Ainmeal: *draws the Draco Fang* Pawns in a game.

Tenes: *draws the Fallen Angel* But now masters of it.

Suomi: *draws the Shadow Slayer* And in the position to end it.

[Gardious, Verdialion, and Relamtium likewise draw their swords.]

Tenes: Ending will only bring my name to history!

[Tenes attacks Ainmeal. Gardious engages Suomi and Verdialion engages Relamtium.]

Ainmeal: Lady of light protect me in your rays!

Tenes: I cloak your light Ainmeal! The gods have forsaken us!

Gardious: The destiny is ours.

Suomi: Never will mortals understand.

[Enter the Hermit from the right who stands while the others are still fighting.]

Hermit: The sagas will tell of the climax of the centuries. Never before have such men lived and never will again until the close of the pact. *vanishes*

[The Hermit vanishes]

Relamtium: *sword breaks in half*

Verdialion: Haha! The steel of chaos is not smithed with care! *raises his sword*

Relamtium: But with quantity. *draws his dagger from his leg hold and stabs Verdialion*

Verdialion: The gods will…*falls and dies*

[Tenes manages to knock Ainmeal down, but instead of moving in, he goes after Relamtium]

Tenes: *knocks Ainmeal down*

Ainmeal: *falls back dazed, but raises his sword to defend*

Tenes: [going to the unsuspecting Relamtium] curse you! *stabs Relamtium*

Relamtium: My heart will remain. *falls and dies*

[Ainmeal rises and goes to attack Tenes from behind, Tenes blocks the blow.]

Ainmeal: Godless curse! *strikes*

Tenes: *blocks* God full fool!

[Tenes turns back to face Ainmeal and they resume combat. Shortly after Suomi gains the upper hand over Gardious and knocks his sword away.

Gardious: *his sword flies out of his hand*

Suomi: *stabs Gardious*

Gardious: Legends embrace me…*falls and dies*

[Tenes backs up now facing two opponents and it appears he is about to flee. Suomi and Ainmeal follow. Without warning Tenes charges forward at Ainmeal.]

Tenes: Embrace the end Ainmeal. *charges*

Ainmeal: *knocked off balance, falls to the ground*

Tenes: *readies for the kill but then turns and strikes Suomi*

Suomi: You shall not carry this day Tenes *falls to the ground seriously wounded*

[Ainmeal gets back to his feet and battles Tenes.]

Ainmeal: Only with the light can the end come. *high blow*

Tenes: And so comes chaos. *parries*

[Tenes strikes Ainmeal’s right shoulder. Ainmeal drops his sword from the loss of feeling in his arm.]

Tenes: *strikes across Ainmeal’s right shoulder*

Ainmeal: *drops his sword from loss of feeling in his arm*

[Ainmeal moves across the room and picks up his sword with his left hand.]

Tenes: *slices Ainmeal through the stomach* *exhausted* Now the light goes out.

[Ainmeal struggles across the room and leans onto a wall.]

Ainmeal: *leans on wall, raises his sword*

Tenes: *knocks Ainmeal’s sword away and prepares for the final blow*

Ainmeal: *clearly in pain* Do what you will. It is over. This is but a epilogue…

[Suomi manages to get to his feet, draws back the Shadow Slayer, and walks behind Tenes]

Suomi: *rises to his feet and draws the Shadow Slayer*

Suomi: Tenes.

[Tenes turns around.]

Suomi: *drives the Shadow Slayer through his chest*

Tenes: From death I will reach to Hy-brasyl. The one will restore me…*slumps to the floor dead*

Suomi: *collapses back on the floor*

[Ainmeal manages to get himself over to his father]

Ainmeal: *crawls to Suomi’s side* Father is its over.

Suomi: Forgive me that I cannot live to see you grow.

Ainmeal: The pact, you’ll live longer then I father.

Suomi: No..Tenes dead..pact…broken…forgive me…*dies*

[The play closes with Ainmeal over the body of his father.]


Background Notes

This play script is based on real historical events which happened hundreds of years ago. There are many works which are devoted to this time period so what I write here is only a brief summary. Tenes, the main character in this play, rose to power as a young man after leading the people of Piet to victory over an invading army of wizards from Rucesion. Tenes had a dream of restoring Hy-brasyl, the “utopian” continent, which sunk under the seas because of the wicked nature of man. To meet this goal he planned to unify all of Temuair. For a time he did this by allying himself with other Lords into an alliance called “The League of Darkness”. Overtime Tenes realized he would never complete his goal in his lifetime so he bargained with Chadul. Chadul agreed to grant Tenes, and whoever else wished to who was part of the League, a one-thousand year life span. Chadul also agreed to allow the souls he held in his domain to go free. In exchange Tenes and his group sold themselves to Chadul, though what exactly they sold and the implications of this are unknown.

The Pact Tenes and the other Lords signed was known as the “Pact of Anaman”. Tenes lived to be well over two hundred but never realized his dream. Overtime the League members began to fight among themselves. To fix this problem Tenes divided Temuair into ten separate kingdoms thus starting the “Dark Ages”. As Tenes himself wrote the idea of dividing the lands was so that the other Lords would destroy each other and then he would rebuild Temuair into Hy-brasyl. However a new Lord known as Ainmeal rose up to challenge Tenes and the League. Ainmeal’s father had been killed by Tenes – only to be twisted by Chadul and risen as Lord Suomi to join the same League that had killed him!

It was said that Danaan herself protected Ainmeal and over many years he wore down Tenes allies defeating one after another. Finally Tenes withdrew to his fortress he built at Loures Castle outside of Piet. Only his allies Glaic and Massai remained as well as his two loyal generals Gardious and Verdialion. This is where the play begins.

Historical Accuracy

I have remained true to most of the established historical works of the period. However it is very difficult to create conversation when we know little else beyond a few sentences of what actually happened. I’ve attempted to best create personalities of the characters we know very little about, such as Massai for example, based on what has been written about them and other works from the period. I only stray from history in the character of Titus, who is portrayed as Tenes son. While we have no evidence of a son but given that Tenes lived over two centuries it is doubtful he never had children. Titus represents the “child of Temuair” and how personal tragedy can often change lives. Tenes is in a state of denial, and perhaps a mental breakdown, but when his son is slain in his arms he finally comes to his senses.

Production Notes

This script was written for production at the Mileth Fair Theatre at which the stage has two entrances. One each on the left and the right sides. This combination is very effective for battle scenes with both armies appear at different sides. Also this is useful to make it appear characters are walking through a setting. A skillful director can easily modify the directions for use at a different type of theatre.

The majority of the characters in the play appear as warriors and this is what most of the garments for the play should be. During non-combat scenes formal and noble clothing are suggested for the main characters such as Tenes and Ainmeal.

Further Reading & Sources

To produce this work I not only read the Temuair Timeline but also several works written by aisling historians on the era. Without their historical research this play would not have been possible. I credit as my primary sources the “Journal of Tenes” and “The Forgotten Pact” by NitroTFD and “L’Imperatore” by Etienne. Additionally I referenced “Before the Shadows Dance” by Cronus, “The League and its Pact of Anaman” by Rookerin, and “The Blood of the Forgotten Empire” by Chloe. These works provided me with names and events. Historical works are wonderful pieces but most cannot tell history on a personal level. This is where literature comes in. By re-creating historical events one can better understand history with real and believable characters and emotions. This is what I have done here and I hope you enjoy it.

((OOC Actions))

Because this play was written for production within the world of Dark Ages I have written this play script slightly differently then a normal one would. Because of the limited abilities to perform actions many actions within the play such as stabbing, tones of speech, and so forth are defined in asterisks * * as one usually does to describe actions within the game.



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