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Works - History of the Fiosachd Wars

The Complete History of the Fiosachd Civil War and the Great Council

Written by Ramanayan Caesar in the Dark Ages

Published Deoch 21

Today as I write this it is now Doech 21, Fall. The Fiosachd War ended some three doechs ago. However it still has much influence along the path I currently walk. There are many versions from many different sources of what happened and why. For that matter I have put this detailed history guide of its causes, why, and conclusions. Our story begins in Doech 16.

It was the fall of Doech 16 I believe. Azov, StephineX, Iceangel, and myself had just finished hosting "The Fiosachd Fair", in the previous summer. We had fun setting it up and provided an enjoyable evening for the fellowship. After I would say I was more active on the boards in the fellowship. At that time I also add the religious expansion had come about thanks to the mundanes. There were now degrees in the faith from, worshiper, acolyte, priest, cleric, minister, and high priest. During that time several key players had advanced to the rank of High Priest, they were Feena, Felicity, and Xibalba. Feena and Felicity were old priests in the faith while Xibalba was a former wizard and also Felicity's husband. Now to gain a degree past priest one must have won a mundane contest. The only ones in the faith that had were the high priests, and cleric Cleante. Cleante was not very active and I rarely saw him around. Now in being High Priests they were able to "clean the fellowship board". Now during that time many messages were posted and destroyed, among them were Feena's notorious board cleanings. I believed they were abusing their power and felt they believed they were above the fellowship. I complained they said little and often removed my posts. Others to backed me in my statements and I grew to have a small following.

I think the Fiosachd Fellowship reached its peak in Doech 17, Spring. At that time everything was happening we had masses every day of the week. You could just sit in the temple and find dozens coming in for prayer assistance and initiation at any time. I was planning a 2nd fair, and I had just entered my first history submission. However our great prosperity was short lived. In Doech 17, Summer several massive board deletions followed. Now I was convinced they were abusing their power and posted it. There was a mixed reaction. Some thought I was wrong, others right, and others did not really care. After all were not we the best faith in Temuriar? We could solve little problems like this. Even I thought so for a time. However I after a time saw that only action would do something. So I presented my idea for new governing body for the fellowship that would practically de-throne the high priests.

Scandalous the High Priests replied. You want a fellowship council (called the Great Council) to control the faith? What are you talking about we make no laws or abuse our power they ranted. They were dug in with a large support body, I could see that. So I had take my case right to the people. On my mass in Doech 17, Winter, that had become quite popular, I finally preached a Crusade against the High Priests. The reaction completely divided the faith. Some supported me some them. In fact the first few days after my mass Felicity was cowering in the temple fearing a popular uprising against her. Feena was harder to break. She confronted me my next mass and attempted to put her power spell over me. She failed horribly after she proved my point for me. Unfortunately before I acted on this, a horrible and evil man named Bahadir (who still has a bounty on his head to this day) declared me a heretic. ((Note: the heresy system was not working correctly, as it required a recognized aisling to replace the priest being hereticed. Due to a bug this requirement was not meet. Otherwise it would be highly doubtful it would have succeded)) Much of my council fled in terror (cowards). So for then I planned to buy my time and strike when their guard was down.

Doech 18 had approached to keep myself under-cover and them confused I went to the Doech Fellowship. Also at that time I won Folk history and became a guard and began teaching classes at Mileth Collage. Over Doech 18 I continued to attract many supporters. I had completely re-built the Great Council. I had hosted several classes in Mileth about the Crusade and gain more supporters. Then I had left doech and planned to return to the fellowship. Some diplomacy was attempted, I thank Wuhao for putting together two meetings. One with other key players in the faith another with Feena and Felicity themselves. However the High Priest mocked me thinking I was finished, how horribly wrong they were. I returned in secret in Doech 19 Spring.

Curses Feena had found out and excommunicated me. Ah well that got me enraged. Spring passed into Summer and I planned to strike a mortal blow to my enemies. Feena was the symbol of the old, she falls, and the rest of fellowship with her. So on a night in Doech 19, Summer, my associates struck without warning, throwing Feena out of the faith. The blow completely rocked the Fiosachd Fellowship. In awe even more supporters came to my side. Now we had them on their knees. One more blow probably at Felicity would finish them.

Then to my surprise Feena asked for peace talks. Yep she knew they were beat. We had come to an agreement that provided my council nominal rule and to forget most grievances. Now I think I should have pushed for more terms but I was tired of 2 doechs of war. Alas the war was over.

After the war ended I returned to the faith were my Great Council began to re-build the fellowship. Eventually I became a Cleric in the faith. However the fellowship never regained its once great peak of power. The war did provide what I wanted, we had finally broken the high priests reign of power on the faith. In showing that the enemy could be beaten nothing like this has ever happened again and hopefully never will.

Written in Deoch 21, then long forgotten, posted in public Deoch 30, Summer.



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