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Constitution & Law
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Imperial Constitution of Novus Imperia

Original - Deoch 65, Spring
Most Recently Amended - Deoch 110, Spring

Article I.

Guild Leader

A) The supreme authority of Novus Imperia is vested in the Guild Leader. The guild government is exercised in the name of the Guild Leader by the officers whom he appoints.

B) Lord Gnaeus Ramanayan Caesar is Guild Leader of Novus Imperia.

Article II.

Guild Council

A) The guild council is the heart of the guild government. All councilors have the following powers and responsibilities as outlined bellow.

I) To admit new members in compliance with the guild admissions procedures.

II) To exile members from the guild in compliance with the guild exile procedures.

III) To be a leader and role-model for all guild members.

IV) To help mediate conflicts and other situations between guild members

B) New guild council members are nominated by the current guild council. Prospective council members will be subject to final approval and physical appointment by the guild leader.

Article III.

Laws & Regulations

The guild leadership may enact additional laws or rules to cover and/or expand on matters not found in this constitution.

Article IV.


Amendments to this constitution may be enacted with the approval of the guild leader.


Novus Imperia Laws

Compiled & Revised Many Times Since Deoch 19
Latest Revision - Deoch 101, Summer

These are the rules and regulations that all members must obey while in the guild. Repeated and/or serious violations may result in the loss of guild rank and/or exile.

A) General Guidelines

I) Respect all guild members and their opinions
II) Respect the authority of the guild leader and guild council
III) Respect all guild allies and their opinions
IV) Respect the ideals and goals of the guild

B) Guild Whispers

I) Do not use profanity
II) Avoid from using vulgar and/or obscene language
III) Avoid controversial terran topics when some may be offended ((Religion, Terrorism, etc))

C) Guild Board

I) Post only relevant or useful information
II) Posts regarding upcoming events (weddings, etc) must be removed when said event is completed
III) Do not post buying/selling/trading posts unless approved

D) Meetings

I) All members in the lands at the time of meeting must attend. Meeting times are announced several double moons in advance. Donít tell us your hunting!
II) Avoid interrupting others, using spells/skills, or anything else that might be distracting
III) Do not reveal the location of meetings to non-members

E) Exile Procedures

A member may only be exiled from the guild with the express permission of the guild leader except in the following situations:

I) When a member presents a clear and present danger to the guild
II) When a member is uncovered as a foreign spy
III) When a member engages in blatant, clear, and serious violations (mass unceasing profanity, etc)



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