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Introduction to Novus
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What is Novus Imperia?

Novus Imperia is a guild of aislings on the path to better themselves and Temuair as a whole. We believe in building a strong society that is united to achieve common goals.

What is the guild history?

Novus Imperia is one of the oldest guilds in Temuair - founded in Deoch 19 (May 2001) as the motley Imperium and reformed as the guild Novus Imperia in Deoch 24 (October 2001).

After many decades of "carrying the light of the civilized aisling world" the guild finally slowed and went into a long slumber of inactivity starting around Deoch 69. In Deoch 109 the process of reawakening and restoring Novus Imperia began with the return of our guild founder and leader to Temuair.

Given the age of the guild, Novus Imperia has a very rich and detailed history, so large in fact we've created an entire section of the website dedicated to it. You can read our detailed history section here.

What is does the guild do?

Novus Imperia is perhaps known best for two things:

First is that Novus Imperia has long had a tradition of planning and hosting of Temuair wide epic events - the details of which you can see on our events page.

The second is it's involvement in Mileth politics. Many of our members throughout the guild's history were famous (or infamous depending on who you ask) politicians in their day. Many of the most bitter and heated political clashes in Mileth the Deoch 20s though 50s involved the guild in some way. For most of our history we've been in opposition to the Anaman Pact and their allies in the political system.

Those two things are hardly all Novus Imperia does however! We're also involved with many other community functions of Temuair such as the temples and college.

Perhaps the only thing our guild is not, and never has been, is one based around hunting and the arena. We believe their more to aisling life then endless counting of bodily statistics and physical might. We're not opposed to taking a castle or two now and then however!

Is Novus Imperia currently accepting new members?

Always! Please visit the admissions section for further details.

Where can I learn more?

Please visit the rest of the pages on our website here for more detailed information on specific areas of the guild. If you have a question not answered don't hesitate to contact us.



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